Why Star Gazers?

At Star Gazerz, the best play school in Barrackpore, Kolkata, we provide an assurance that our blooming buds would come to know the age-appropriate behaviour through observation and imitation. Their communicative skills will develop faster as they can interact with their peers in a supervised environment.


• A comfortable zone after coming out of the warm cocoon i.e. the home along with the neat and hygienic environment to impart the concept of cleanliness.
• Time Management and Discipline – They get the concept of assembly time, circle time, play time, break time, story time and fun time.
• A few hours in the company of trained instructors and the peer group help in fostering discipline.
• Ample scope of nurturing the child’s curiosity in terms of grasping ability, exploration of letters, colour, shapes.
• Our stars are provided with the ‘right’ toys i.e. those appropriate to their age and development.
• Parenting horizons are widened.

Activities Involved

Toddlers enjoy movement games as well as the opportunity to move freely. Music is the best medium for teaching them new words, knowledge about the environment and the basic do’s and don’ts. Activities for both the parents and children have been designed in such a way that quality time can be spent [eg.. in a form of celebration]. Various activities both indoor and outdoor under supervision enhance their independent thinking, making it the best play school for your child.

Play Station

An arena where our little buds get immense opportunity of physical activity to stay healthy. Through this their ability and confidence increases along with their flexibility and strength.


StarGazers one among the top play schools in Kolkata helps a child to gain confidence by exploring new facts. It’s all about fun while acquiring social skills instead of milestones. We ensure the judicious blend of modern and conventional method of education. Moreover, there is an opportunity for parents to interact with one another and exchange various innovative ways of parenting.

Thus, STAR GAZERS assure every toddler of the development of social, emotional and cognitive skills and shape them duly before they make their entry into the sphere of formal education. StarGazers of Douglas is building its name among the list of top play schools in Barrackpore, Kolkata.