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General Information

1. Douglas Memorial Higher Secondary School is an English
Medium Co-education School established in the year 1984.
2. The School is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School
Certificate Examinations, New Delhi.
3. The Medium of instruction is English with either Bengali or
Hindi offered as second languages. Other languages may
be offered at the discretion of the school.
4. Working Days – Monday to Friday [5 days per week]
5. Special emphasis is given to ensure a high standard of
character and academic excellence. Guardians / Parents
are requested to co-operate in this regard with authorities
of the school by insisting on the regular attendance and
punctuality of their wards.
6. If the school property is wilfully damaged or destroyed
fines will be charged as levied by the Principal.
7. Kindly note that the school maintains a record of pupil
indiscipline, should there be 3 such entries the parent will
receive a warning letter and 2 further repetition will lead to
suspension. If the child is suspended thrice the child could
be liable for expulsion from school.
8. Writing on the walls and plucking of flowers are strictly
9. Students are not allowed to wear rings, bangles or any
other jewellery. A small pair of earrings may be worn by
girls. Kindly note that use of make up, mehendi, nail polish
or streaking and colouring of hair is strictly forbidden.
10. Students who suffer from any infectious disease or serious
ailment must not come to school until they are completely
11. P. T. Uniform and P.T. Shoes are compulsory for Games
and P.T. The students must come to the school in clean
and ironed uniform with polished shoes, without
which they will not be allowed to enter the class.
12. Name tags should be given to each article that the child
brings to school especially for prep. section and class I
13. There are three vacations during the year. The Summer
vacation in May, The Puja vacation in Sep./Oct, and the
Winter vacation in December.
14. Students must address their teachers and all members of
staff, with politeness, and pay due respect to them. The
students are expected to conduct themselves with decorum
both in and out of school.
15. For all students it is mandatory to submit the AADHAAR
16. Parents / Guardians are requested not to give any gifts
/ donations in cash or kind towards social work for
Clubs and organisations to any teacher or staff
member without authorised letter from the

Rules for the computer laboratory

1. The Computer Laboratory is a place of learning and
serious work. For this ‘Silence’ is very necessary. Therefore
OBSERVE SILENCE in the computer laboratory.
2. The computer is an electronic instrument which is
mastered through instruction and operation. Follow the
instructions of the teacher carefully.
3. The Computer is a very delicate and expensive machine.
Damages must be paid for by the student. Report
immediately any kind of defect or damage, so that prompt
remedial action can be taken.
4. Students are not permitted to surf the internet.

Rules and regulations of school library

1. Reading is an important means of gaining knowledge,
building language skills and of enjoyment. Students must
inculcate in themselves the habit and love for reading.
2. Silence and order must be strictly observed by all in the
3. Boxes, bags, water bottles, pens, pencils and other articles
are not allowed inside the library room.
4. No person shall write upon, cut, damage or make any mark
upon any book or periodical belongings to the library.
5. Readers shall be responsible to make good the loss, the
damage or injury done to the books or other property
belonging to the library either by replacing such books or
by paying the value thereof.
6. Each pupil is entitled to take out on loan one book at a time
and keep it for fifteen days. Periodical publications,
dictionaries, and other costly reference books shall not be
lent out.
7. In case the book is not returned before due date, a fine of
rupee one per book per overdue day shall be charged, and
no new books shall be issued unless the member returns
the overdue books and pays the overdue charges.
8. The library card is not transferable. The readers will take
books with their own library card.
9. A duplicate card will be issued to the member on payment
of a fine of ten rupees.
10. Issue of books will be suspended fifteen days before any
vacation and before annual examination.
11. School leaving or Transfer Certificate will not be issued
until the books are returned to the library and clearance
certificate obtained from the librarian.
12. The Principal at any time may amend the rules and
regulations for betterment. In any library matter her
decision will be final.
13. The students may avail the facility of E-library from classes
I – XII.

Rules and regulations to be followed by students during examination

1. Any attempt to use unfair means during examinations is
strictly prohibited.
2. No study / digital material like books / paper / mobile phone
/ digital watch etc. may be carried inside the examination
3. Each child must carry his or her own stationery. No
borrowing or lending of stationery will be permitted.
4. Writing on the question paper shall not be permitted.
5. All bags must be kept outside the examination hall.
6. All students must come to school in proper school uniform
on all days of examination.
7. All instructions given prior to examination must be strictly
adhered to.