Principal’s Message


I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky
I think about it every night and day
Spread my wings and fly away…
Music lovers will surely be acquainted with this beautiful song sung and written by R.Kelly.
Its just not the tune, the rhythm and the music that caught my attention but the strong and meaningful lyrics that drew me towards it.
Believing in oneself, having faith in God and one’s abilities and dreaming about the invaluable dreams is what I think is the stepping stone to success.
Douglas Memorial Higher Secondary school is a space for young people to believe, have faith, and chase their dreams.
I have been a part of this school since long and it is through this school have I learnt to believe in self and realise my choicest dreams. I started my journey in this school as a student, then a teacher, a coordinator and now a Principal.
The school has played a key role in shaping and moulding my personality and turning me into a more confident, better, wiser and a knowledgeable individual. I owe every bit of the success that I have achieved in these few years, to the school that I was taught and raised at.
The School has been a training ground for young children to think beyond the conventional and stringent confines of orthodox and outdated methodologies of teaching.The School gives ample scope and opportunities to the students to come up with their own ideas and notions of learning. This way the teaching-learning process becomes more productive and fruitful.
We at Douglas Memorial Higher Secondary School encourage the children to speak their minds and engage them in various activities to bring out their creative, social and interpersonal skills. For example, through the medium of Club class activities and other major events the students are provided with a platform to open up and showcase their skills. We do not encourage educators and facilitators to merely do the task or get the job done. But, expect our learners to take charge and responsibility. They are given enough freedom and independence to learn by themselves and create something constructive and later be proud of their own ‘ Creation’.
The school has always been flexible to the needs of its stakeholders, that is, our beloved students and guardians and we alone don’t take credit for the development of the children but believe in our parents/ guardians to be equal partners in taking important decisions pertaining to school matters.
This website is designed for all who want to know more about the school. We intend to give out all informations about the school explicitly.The Website will walk you through all the departments – the Pre primary, Primary, Middle School and Secondary.
The viewers will get to know exactly what the vision/ mission, ethos and pedagogy of each department/section is and how they operate and function. The objective is also to bridge the gap between the teacher and the taught. The parents/ guardians get to play a key role and are entitled to know all the important informations pertaining to school and their wards.
Lastly, I would like to add that Douglas Memorial Higher Secondary School envisions not to compete with other institutions
but prepare the children of future to be the best by channelising their energies into something positive and productive, which will not only benefit the community but also help them be better people.