Parental Involvement

We consider parents as a part of our team in making the school a second home for every child. For this reason, we keep them informed about every activity and development through:

  • Parent Orientation Programmes.
  • Regular PTMs.
  • School website.
  • School App.

The attitude of the parents towards education can inspire the children and show them how to take charge of their own educational journey. Here are some ways about positine parenting:

  1. Be a role model to your child – Through guidance and proper direction, parents help their kids to organize their time and support their eagerness to learn new things.
  2. Pay attention to what your child loves – observe the child, know his/her likes and dislikes. Let your child show you the way he likes to learn. Get involved in sports, dance and physical activities with the child.
  3. Practice what your child learns at school depending on the needs and the learning level.
  4. Set aside time to read together as reading can build up and enrich the vocabulary. Try to spend quality time with your child by encouraging painting, drawing and making models.
  5. Be a good listener when the child speaks Help her express how he/she feels.
  6. Praise the child for positive rein Tremont him /her. Treat the child with respect and encourage him/her to become self-reliant.
  7. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle and good habits, parents themselves can help the children to lead a better life. Rather than telling them what not to do, teach and show them what they should do.
  8. Going on educational visits with the child such as museums, nature parks etc.