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In today’s technology driven world, it’s important now more than ever to prepare students for the future. Teaching robotics to young students throughout their schooling can increase their ability to be creative and innovative thinkers and more productive members of society. Many governments have already recognized the importance of robotics in the classroom and have begun to create programs and laws that would incorporate it into their public education system. By teaching our students the basics of robotics, we can open a whole new world to them and exciting opportunities that they wouldn’t have access to otherwise. An Introduction to Programming Increases Creativity Prepare them for the future Teaching Children How to Turn Frustration into Innovation Promoting Inclusivity


Mathematics occupies a crucial and unique role in social, intellectual, vocational, moral, spiritual and cultural development of a student. It is the only subject that encourages and develops logical thinking. Certain qualities that are nurtured with the help of the subject are power of reasoning creativity, critical thinking, problem solving ability and even effective communication skills. Learning Mathematics helps a student to perform mathematical operations with confidence, speed and accuracy. The mathematical skills of problem solving, logical thinking and investigation will help their progress in whatever they choose to study in future. HOD Mathematics. Tanusree Chakraborty


DMHSS is proud to have a sophisticated Physics laboratory with the latest facilities that equip the students to have hands on experience. The flat–topped tables used as student workstations which allow multiple arrangements and combinations for laboratory work and small group activities. The equipment ranges from the commonly found lens, magnet, glass prism, simple pendulum to the advanced apparatus like voltmeter, ammeter, galvanometer, resistor, potentiometer etc. The laboratory is also equipped with one white board and two black boards which are used to analyze various fundamental theories of Physics. Furthermore, the lab is designed in a way to accommodate students comfortably. The laboratory reinforces the knowledge acquired in the theory class by emphasizing on the fundamental concepts of physics. It aids the students understanding of using lab equipments. It makes them realize the importance of direct observation as compared to inference bared on theory. Moreover it helps the students to develop the basic skills and a general understanding of the tools of experimental physics and data analysis.


Chemistry is the study of matter and the chemical reactions between substances. Chemistry is also known as ‘Central Science’, it is integral for our understanding of the natural world around us. Here in school we explore chemistry through different ‘practical experiments’ like using ‘ball and stick model’ to demonstrate bonding between atoms, ‘heating of different chemicals’ in order to identify different gases evolved, ‘detection of cations or anions’ present in a salt etc. Our laboratory is designed to support and encourage ‘analytical thinking’ of a student. If it well equipped with the necessary apparatus and chemicals, required to illustrate chemical concepts studied in the theory portion of the course.

Class Rooms

Classroom Pre-Primary (Nursery, LKG, UKG)

Classrooms are the most important sites within the school premises because the students and the teachers spend most of the time inside the classrooms for receiving and imparting knowledge in different subjects.

Classroom Primary School

Therefore, we always take care of the proper ambience of the classrooms. The rooms are quite spacious, airy with sufficient number of benches, fans and exhaust fans. The rooms are clean and duly ventilated. There are digital classrooms for conducting audio-visual classes. The school is planning for all digital classrooms in the near future.

Middle & Senior School.

There are provisions for displaying charts and models while teaching. All the rooms are equipped with CCTV cameras for proper security of the students and the school properties as well. Thus the classrooms provide right environment for the teaching and learning.