Field Trip / Excurstion

Travel is a part of education: as the latter remains incomplete, if not complemented with field trips or excursions, providing an additional learning for a broader experimental learning that leaves a deeper impression on the students for triggering long term and active learning.

Keeping this in mind, our school arranges for an excursion or a field trip for the students of the Primary section, every year which influence their development of critical thinking skills as they will be made to reflect on the experience in the form of a report, or in the form of narration. For the last couple of years, the students of the Primary Section have been taken to various places of historical importance as well as cultural and social heritage such as the Indian Museum, The science City, The Eco Park, The Nehru Museum, The Town Hall and many more.

With a futuristic vision, our school has planned for the holistic development of the students by rendering them opportunities to pay a visit to the neighbouring social organizations such as post offices, banks, hospitals, orphanages, old age homes etc. This will create an awareness in a child of his or her social surroundings as well as his or her own community.