Keeping in mind the holistic development of every child, we focus on effective learning process embedded with various skills.

  • At the Pre-primary level, we follow the play-way method to make learning fun and not a drudge’. The children are provided with different concepts through the use of specific tools or ‘gifts’, through activities which keep them creatively engaged in a conducive learning environment.
  • Language and literacy: The little learners grasp letters and sounds with the help of ‘Jolly Phonics’ which we have incorporated in our system. They learn 42 sounds of English letters rather than the letter names. The five skills taught in ‘ Jolly Phonics’ are 1) Learning the letter sound, 2) learning Letter formation, 3) Blending,  4) Identifying the sound in words and 4) Tricky words with irregular spelling.
  • Motor skills and cognitive development are enhanced to explore the world around them in terms of information processing, perception, problem solving and disposition.
  • Life skills are developed to enable the children to accomplish their ambition, manage and line a better quality of life. This includes good touch and bad touch, health and hygiene etc. educating the children about
  • Our play area has been designed to provide ample scope to every child to enable in controlling their emotions, make them socially interactive and expose them to Nature. Keeping this in mind, we have several outdoor activities to make the learning process a complete one.
  • Music classes related to Jolly Phonics: Our little toddlers participate in music classes as it takes place outside the regular classroom. They are encouraged to move, tap their feet and sing. This involves singing songs, action rhymes and the movement to music which enable them to learn sounds and meanings of various words.
  • We have story telling sessions aided with puppets, flash cards, illustrations so that they can relate to the surroundings and develop their listening and reading skills.
  • We have well-equipped library with a variety of books: books related to ‘Jolly Phonics, interesting and funny story books on ‘Touch and feel’ so that they can gain the concept about the texture, colour and the world around them. To enrich their vocabulary, interactive method is followed.
  • Smart classes related to the scholastic subjects like English, Number Work, EVS, Hindi, Bengali help in imparting the knowledge under the guise of fun and frolic.

Thus, we can say that our curriculum strives to provide a rich blend of academic, physical, social, artistic, cultural learning opportunities to every child to churn them out as responsible and worthy citizens.