DMHSS conducts several club activities all throughout the year, that provide students with an opportunity to showcase and nurture their skills. At the start of the session, DHMSS organizes a talent hunt program to identify students on the basis of their personal interests and hobbies, post which they are roped in with one of these following clubs:



Creative school programs encompassing art forms like music can positively aid in holistic growth and development of children. In an attempt to provide its students with well-rounded education, Douglas Memorial Higher Secondary School arranges music clubs that go a long way in helping children gather self-esteem and nurture soft skills.


With an objective to encourage students’ participation for environment conservation, the DMHSS nature club organizes several competitions that help students understand the importance of fostering an eco-friendly environment for a better tomorrow.


The DMHSS literary club aims to nurture and develop the literary skills of students. The club encourages them to inculcate a taste for conventional and contemporary literature, helping them achieve the much-needed literary excellence.


The DHMSS quiz club provides a platform to encourage, inspire and reward students who are avid knowledge seekers with an interest to constantly learn new subject matter. Fun quiz sessions can help students build concentration, identify gaps in learning, develop confidence and retain knowledge.


Drama plays a critical role in helping children become communication enthusiasts with strong socialization and negotiation skills. The DHMSS drama club provides the right avenue to students who want to acquire theatre skills such as stage building, production, costume/makeup design and so on.


The DHMSS science club aims to make learning fun and intuitive. Students participating in science exhibitions and experiments conducted by the club can learn about the scope of science through a practical approach.


Humanity stands at the threshold of a future that demands seamless man-machine synergy. Keeping this in mind, the DHMSS robotics club aims to make students future-ready by helping them understand the nuances of state-of-the-art technologies associated with robotics and their impact on the society at large.


The DHMSS Sports club organizes both intra and inter-school sports competitions, helping students inculcate soft skills like leadership, teamwork, self-discipline, sense of initiative and problem-solving. The sports club offers students with a diverse range of sports activities to participate in, while providing them with an opportunity to gain state and national-level exposure.