Clubs & Houses

School Clubs

DMHSS focuses greatly on the overall development of students. That is why clubs are a major part of our curriculum. We have clubs ranging a variety of activity-based programs that encourage all-encompassing growth of the students. Clubs are a way for the students to engage in creative activities, sports, and evolve their minds in a lot of ways other than education. Our wide variety of clubs allow the students to get exposed to different sections of how the world works through the Model UN, SDG Clubs and many more.

Throughout the year, DMHSS organises a number of club events that provide students a chance to develop and display their abilities. After conducting a talent hunt programme at the beginning of the semester to discover students based on their individual interests and pastimes,
DHMSS places them in one of the clubs listed below:

Eloquent (Literary Club)

  • Deep discussions on literature
  • Debates and Discussions/Public speaking
  • Creative Writing/Story Writing
  • Poetry/Story Telling

Track-Treck (Sports Club)

  • Outdoor and Indoor sports
  • Cricket Practice/Football Practice
  • Off track sports including Soft ball/javelin/short put/long jump etc
  • Track Running

Steps-N-Rhythm (Dance club)

  • Includes a wide variety of dance forms
  • Classical/Western/Indo-western/Contemporary
  • Weekly dance practice/face-offs
  • Interhouse and interschool competitions

Melody (Music Club)

  • Fully furnished recording room equipped with advanced vocal devices
  • Well-equipped music room with instruments like Keyboard, Guitar and Drums
  • School choir/church choir
  • Various styles of music from classical to western

Inquisitive (Quiz Club)

  • World-wide knowledge
  • Curriculum-based topics
  • Ranges from a wide spectrum of subjects
  • To incite general knowledge and make the students politically sound

Reader's Lounge (Book Club)

  • Students are highly motivated to read
  • Guidance from teachers on book suggestions
  • Aspiring students to gain more knowledge about the world from an introspective point through an alternate reality
  • Great for students who aspire to learn how to write, budding writers and literature bugs

Lead the Lives (Eco / Science Clubs)

  • Well equipped labs for conducting interesting experiments and research work with students
  • Inculcating the importance of nature within the children
  • Robotics class & Holistic Development

School Houses

Buntain House

Lincoln House

Mandela House

Luther House