Mega Sports

Mega Sports

Mega Sports-2019

Sports develop a sense of friendliness among the children and their team spirit. It helps children to strengthen themselves both mentally and physically. Children should actively participate in sports to avoid being tired and lethargic.

Sports is of utmost importance in one’s life. Nowadays living a healthy lifestyle has become the cornerstone. It helps us in fighting chronic diseases, makes every individual patient, resilient and is a stress buster. It is an aspect of developing social skills...

Sports teaches us the value of leadership, teamwork and boosts self-confidence and self-reliance.

‘Mega Sports’- The annual Athletes meet organised by Douglas Memorial Higher Secondary School was to implore the kinesthetic ability of students. It was a golden opportunity for the young sportspersons to engage in a field of competition. We witnessed the Athletes competing with great spirit and a better vision for tomorrow. 14th November 2019 was designated for the inaugural of the grand event.

Padmashree Mr Baichung Bhutia (Indian Footballer, especially known for his shooting skills in football), was the chief guest. Veteran footballer Mr Subhrata Bhattacharjee, Mr Prashanta Banerjee and Mr Arup Mukherjee graced the occasion with their honourable presence. 500 students from across 19 schools in Kolkata showcased their perseverance, diligence and heedfulness toward Sports.

It was a moment of pride for every Douglasites as in the event of Karate(boys and girls), Douglas Memorial Higher Secondary School bagged the First prize becoming the overall winner. St. Luke’s Day School, Naihati gave a tough competition to Douglas Memorial Higher Secondary School but they emerges victorious in badminton.

“Urban Monk” the music band allured the stage with their crowd-pleasing performance, with we came to the end of the awe-inspiring event with exhilaration, enthusiasm and true sportsman spirit.

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