Matheletes -2021

Douglas Mathlete Meet which was an academic festival based on Mathematics, was hosted by Douglas Memorial Higher Secondary School, from 31st July to 2nd August, 2021.

Keeping in mind the Pandemic and social distancing restrictions, the entire three-day-long festival was conducted virtually. 18 schools ( including the host) from all across the country and around 250 participants took part in this Meet...

In all, there were 15 events which were designed in such a manner that they called for skills from the students which ranged from artistry to showing off their logical and critical thinking abilities. Some events were also designed where the students had to make decisions in a limited time.

Children from all across the country participated with enthusiasm which made the festival a joyous occasion where they could showcase their talents and skills. The performance of the students was highly praised by the judges. The festival was inaugurated by a riveting opening ceremony in the presence of the Rector of the school, Mr. Wilson Gidla, the Principal, Ms. Sonia Gidla, the Administrator, Mr. Ashwin Kumar Medidi, the CEO, Mr. Shashi Kant Gidla and a host of Principals and teachers of the participating schools. It was indeed a momentous occasion.

The overall spirit of the festival remained high throughout and it came to a perfect completion when the Best Mathlete and the best school were announced. The host school bagged the most number of trophies and emerged as the Best School but keeping in line with our tradition, the award for the Best School, ”Leonhard Euler Memorial Prize2021″ was given to the next best school i.e., The Future Foundation School, Kolkata.

Sahina Sultana of Douglas Memorial Higher Secondary School emerged as the Best Mathlete.

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