Covid Facility

  • Hand hygiene and thermal screening are done to keep a check on the body temperature and blood pressure.
  • A sanitiser tunnel is available at the entry gate to keep a check on the body temperature and blood pressure of every visitor.
  • Sanitization of classrooms and disinfection of hard surfaces are done regularly.
  • Foot and bench markings are present at a distance of 6 ft. to maintain social distancing. Wall notices and signs can also be seen throughout.
  • The infirmary is made available with doctors on call 24/7. Registration with hospitals has also been done in case of any emergency.


  • Spacious well- ventilated classrooms.
  • Vitrified tiled flooring in all classrooms.
  • Benches to accommodate at least three students.
  • Soft boards are present in all classrooms to house various Works of creativity of the students.

Laboratories & library

  • Well-equipped & Spacious Laboratories.
  • Sanitizing is done at regular intervals.
  • Use of labcoats & gloves are mandatory for conducting lab activities.
  • Lab activities performed by students from class VI onwards.
  • Robotics lab to arouse students’ interest in the field of science.
  • A roomy library with a whole range of books of all genres.


  • Each staff of the office is conversant in the use of Computers.
  • Computerized progress report handed in at the end of each term.
  • The use of Google classrooms to deliver notes & assignments.
  • School App to record, maintain attendance of each pupil & communicate with parents/ guardians.
  • Use of Audio-Visual lab to enforce better communication skills among students.

Student exchange programmes

  • An online student exchange programme through clubs is organised for the students to express their strong opinions on an international platform
  • Students across the globe join the virtual platform to share concrete solutions to the current global crisis.
  • The youngsters develop a diplomatic relations and showcase their debating skills.


  • Well-furnished infirmary with a trained nurse. Doctor available on call.
  • Hands-free trash bin at various spots in the school.
  • Mist- fans to spray sanitiser.
  • Sanitiser tunnel at the entry gate.
  • The body temperature of each student and staff recorded.
  • Social distancing is strictly followed.
  • UV ray machines are used to sanitize each paper.
  • Aquaguards are placed to ensure safe drinking water.

Staff Facilities

  • A commodious staff room for teachers with attached washrooms.
  • A special dining space is available.
  • Cubicles for the Head of the Departments.
  • Canteen facilities to cater to the students & staff food items.
  • Hygienic food is available.

Communication Skill

  • Communicative and interactive classes are held regularly.
  • Teachers engage the students in educational and fun-filled activities to make learning easier.
  • A student-friendly environment is created to make the learners not hesitate about interacting with the teacher and other students.
  • Recitation competitions, story-telling contests, speech-delivery competitions and more are organised occasionally.

Holistic Development

  • The school aims to make academics meet co-curricular skills and activities.
  • The top priority of the teachers is the all-around development of the pupils.
  • Platforms and opportunities are provided to showcase the youngsters’ talents and sharpen them.
  • Teachers focus on skill-based learning and help students find their strengths.
  • Individual attention and care are given to every student.

Activity Based Learning

  • The ABL technique is used by teachers to make studying flexible and easy to understand.
  • The methodology aims to use activities in the educational process by making students learn abstractly.
  • The student-teacher interaction is given a sense of participation and collaborative learning through a varied set of activities.
  • Different modules of presentation, quizzes, dramatization and group discussions are held to keep students engaged with academics.

Robotics and Smart Lab

  • The school enhances smart or digital classrooms which foster creativity and an interactive environment.
  • Classrooms are designed with LCD projectors, hardware equipment (desktops, laptops), DVD/VCR combo, Interactive whiteboards and displays.
  • Full usage of animation and videos are used to convey information.
  • Students are helped to gear up with Coding that develops computational thinking and creativity by designing and developing apps.
  • They are encouraged to build the unmanned aerial vehicle: drones


  • A spacious playground to lay stress on the development of a healthy body and mind.
  • A basketball & a volleyball court to not just practice the games but also develop team spirit.
  • A swimming pool is an added advantage to trigger the interest in physical activities among the children.

Hybrid Mode of teaching

  • The school has adopted the hybrid model of teaching where face-face classroom instructions, as well as online platforms, are open to educate young minds.
  • The teaching-learning process is made more interactive.
  • Individual attention is given to every student where they feel free to clear their doubts and difficulties with a flexible learning experience.
  • Establishing a collaborative and trust-based learning environment is a part of our infrastructure.
  • A hybrid model of teaching helps to focus on time management skills

Seminar Hall

  • The school is well equipped with an air-conditioned seminar hall
  • Teacher training programmes are regularly held aiming for a better educational environment.
  • Awareness sessions on menstrual hygiene, mental health and career counselling are often taken.
  • Model United Nations are organised for the students to enhance their speaking skills, and critical thinking and boost their confidence.

Community Service

  • Children are made to be civic-minded people and imbibe in them the true value of charity and humanity
  • Douglasites are encouraged to come forward to donate toys and clothes to help the ones in need.
  • Regular plantation drives and awareness programmes are held to keep the students engaged in community service-oriented projects.
  • It enhances several skills like leadership, and volunteering and prepares individuals to be like-minded among peers
  • Through these service sessions, students are meant to be more responsible, organised and compassionate.

Staff Training

  • Regular webinars to upgrade the quality of teaching.
  • Council workshops to necessitate better quality of results from our children.


  • The school cafeteria provides healthy and nutritious food for the students and the staff.
  • The Health and hygiene of the student is made a priority.
  • Food provided to the students has a quality and wholesome diet.
  • The canteen is a plastic-free zone and is against the use of plastic.

Well-equipped Laboratories

well- ventilated classrooms.

Hybrid mode of teaching

Global Collaboration

Plastic-free zone

Regular webinars

Collaborative learning

Hygienic food