Establishing scientific realization in children.

Establishing scientific realization in children.

“Have you ever pondered on your child’s activity what they do with their toys while playing?”

What you are thinking now is right- they use to dismantle their toys but have you ever tried to figure out why they do this activity. The simple answer is ‘curiosity’. What led them to be curious is pure science. Whenever a child is introduced with any object he/she tries to figure out ‘what the object is’, ‘why is it in that shape’, ‘what is there inside it This is a very good sign for your child to think like that because he utilizes his human brain.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to explain to your child what the object is all about. This can be understood with a simple example- suppose your child is playing with a toy car and he/she is not understanding the use of the product, then what you can do is that you can make him aware of the product by explaining the use of the product and from then onwards your child will start thinking like a rational human being because whenever he will be introduced to any new object he/she will  apply his brain to figure out the use of the product and this process will help him honing its skills.

The next thing as a parent you can do is to check your child’s observation skills. Give your child an object and let him play for a while after that check whether he realizes the use of the object or not. If he comes up with question then make him remember about the previous lesson you thought him before introducing him to the object, after that he will use his wisdom to figure out the use of the product and also establish the art of observation.

The other skills you can make your child learn is the art of distinguishing and organizing the things in order of the features used for the sole purpose. You should also help your child overcome fear and failure by ensuring that failure is not the end of his life and can be overcome if he/she develops an attitude of never giving up on anything until the task which will lead to success. The mantra of overcoming fear is asking open-ended questions and not to conceal doubts in the mind this will boost his confidence and make him fear-free. As a parent, you should also prepare your child to be ready for school by introducing him to practical experiments like give him an unfixed toy car which he previously dismantled and tell him to fix the parts of the toy. This will help your child develop the art of fixing the problem of his own and he will also learn the skill of finding the solution.