4 methods to prevent spine injury in your children due to school bag

4 methods to prevent spine injury in your children due to school bag

As a parent we all know that our children are very fragile by nature. This means that as a parent it is our responsibility to take extra care of our child especially when it comes in handling school bag. This is a common problem with many school going children that their prominent issue is back pain and usually they complain about the pain to their parents and as a parent we usually find one solution taking our child to the doctor and he prescribe certain medicines and few exercises but this is a temporary solution.

Did you know the actual reason behind your child back problem is their school bag? Yes you heard it right! Though this reason sounds silly to many but it is a fact and if your child is suffering from back pain then this article is for you, continue reading this article and I will provide permanent remedy to your child’s problem without spending a single penny from your pocket.

First of all I will explain you why your child is suffering from back pain and then I have divided the remedy in 4 important parts.

  • Do you know that in recent years that complaint lodged about back pain by children has taken its toll drastically with an increased percentage of 43.6%.
  • Also the ratio of proportion for your child weight to the weight of their bag should not exceed the 10% barrier. This means if your child weighs 30kg then the weight of the bag should not be more than 3kg.
  • There is a research conducted by doctors on the basis of long term that children who carries bag on their shoulder more than 15% of their body weight develops back deformity with advent of time and the case is especially more in children aged from 10 to 14 years.

Now it’s time to reveal the solution to this major problem:

  • Strap of the bag should be wide and padded: While purchasing your child’s bag you should consider that the strap of the bag is wide so that your child does not feel stuffy and the best way to know is to get a live demo their and also check that the bag is padded so that when your child takes the bag in his shoulder he feels comfortable when the bag comes in contact with his back.
  • Go for compact bag rather than a full size bag: The reason of not going with full size bag because it ensures too much room which makes the bag bulky and also the heavy items should be loaded back or bottom of the bag so that your child doesn’t feel heavy.
  •  The bag should not be fully loaded: It is very necessary to put the important items in the bag which is necessary and also if it still gets bulky then put some items on hand luggage like poly bags.
  • The last point is to give proper diet to your child like milk which makes the bones strong and fruits rich in protein. Also make your child do exercise or asanas like Bhujangasana.

To wind up if you follow this essential steps your child will get permanent solution for his back pain.