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The programme of studies is planned to give the students a general education in accordance with the aim and objectives of the school and the syllabus laid down by the Council. Programmes, projects, excursions, competitions help to develop the skills and aptitudes of the student. Enrollment of a pupil in Douglus Memorial Higher Secondary School implies that the child and the parents are willing to comply with all the policy, rules, regulations and requirements of the School. Students are required to adhere to the following sets of rules of the school:

General Rules

1. Parents should encourage their wards to speak in English in school.

2. Passing in Internal Assessment of Personality (IAP) is compulsory for the students of class VI to XII. If a student fails in Internal Assessment of Personality (IAP), disciplinary steps deemed necessary will be taken.

3. Parents must ensure that their wards do not adopt unfair means during assessment. However, if a child ever violates the rules, the paper will be cancelled and the parents will have to meet the Principal / Headmaster on the following day, failing which, the student will not be allowed to sit for the assessment. Further, at the discretion of the Principal / Headmaster, appropriate action deemed necessary will be taken.

4a. In case a student is absent for a particular assessment, prior information must be given to the school by the parents, preferably the father should accompany his ward with a medical certificate and a written explanation on the day the child intends to appear for the assessment. However, failing to comply with the above, the student may be debarred from the assessment.
4b. If a student does not appear for an assessment no re-assessment will be conducted by the school even on medical ground.

5. In regard to promotion, Principal / Headmaster’s decision is final. No correspondence on this issue will be entertained.

6. Report on general progress will be sent to the parents after each Terminal Assessment. These should be studied carefully and returned to the school authorities after it is signed by the parents or guardians. Final Evaluation is done on the basis of the whole year’s performance of the pupil.

7. Children should not be sent to school when they have fever or other physical ailments even if test or Assessments have been announced. Similarly, parents should inform the school authorities if their child is suffering from any serious ailments, chronic ailments, physically handicapped or sensory defect (e.g. heart disorder or epilepsy). In case of chicken pox, measles, mumps or any other such contagious diseases, the parent is advised to maintain a quarantine period of 21 days before the child is sent back to school. However, the parents should inform the school authorities with necessary Medical Certificate.

8. A Child will not be ready for the next class if the overall attendance in class is below 80% for classes L.K.G to V, 90% for VI to VIII and 75% for IX to XII. However, on grounds of serious illness another 10% may be considered. But, under no circumstances students below 65% attendance will obtain promotion according to the rules of the council. A student whose attendance falls below 75% may be classified as “irregular” in the school Leaving Certificate.

9. Whenever special classes are conducted, students must attend them. The school will send a notification through the diary and if your ward remains absent, a Medical Certificate must be produced or you must accompany your ward to explain why he/she did not attend.

10. All parents / Guardians are expected to attend all Parents Teachers Meeting at the Open – House Session. Other than the parents / guardians, no other person will be entertained.

11. Parents and Guardians are not allowed to see their wards or address any letter or interview Teachers during school hours without Principal / Headmaster’s knowledge and consent. However, in case of pupils who are academically weak, parents must visit the school and meet the Sectional Incharge at least once a month.

12. Parents / Guardians of pupils neglecting studies and not doing home assignment / class assignment will be called regularly with due notice.

13. Parents / Guardians of pupils who are weak in studies will be called at least twice a month initially and thereafter once a month. A fixed meeting schedule will be issued to such parents/guardians for the entire session.

14. Home assignment routine will be circulated to parents / guardians for their references.

School Diary

1. Parents are requested to read the information printed in the student’s Diary very carefully.

2. The homework column of each day will be signed by the class teacher or by one of the two teachers whose signatures are included in the information section of the diary. If this column is not signed continuously for two days you may understand that your ward did not attend the school that day. Parents must check and ensure home work given is completed and the diary must be signed, every class day.

3. Absence of any nature must be entered in the Regularity record page of the Student’s Diary signed by the parents and produced to the Sectional In charge on the day the student resumes classes.

4. Monthly Reports on conduct, attendance, late arrival should be scrutinized regularly.

5. All messages, reports and other notifications sent through the diary should be acknowledged.

6. The printed calendar in the diary must be followed strictly and any alteration in the calendar will be notified to the parents through the

Leave & Absence

1. 1. Parents must ensure that their wards reach school in time. Pupils habitually coming late to school may be sent back home. However, pupils may be allowed the following day if the parents accompany their wards with an explanation. Further, if the child continues coming late to school, appropriate disciplinary action may be taken.

2. 2. A half-day leave may be granted on grounds of sudden illness or unforeseen circumstances only. Parents must enter the record in the Regularity column of the diary and the same must be produced to the class teacher on the day the student resumes classes.

3. Parents and Guardians are requested to refer to the school calendar regarding terminal holidays in planning their vacations. Request for leave of absence prior to the official closing date of the school will not be entertained. Similarly, extension of leave during long vacation will not be allowed.

4. Prior sanction of leave for special classes must be obtained from the Principal / Headmaster through a

letter from the parents of the concerned pupil.

5. Parents / Guardians of students habitually absent for more than two days in a month will have to meet the school authority and explain such absence of their ward(s).

6. Students absent for 2 consecutive days in a month must write an application giving the reason of absence and also to provide a medical certificate if the child was absent on medical grounds or parents must send a letter giving a valid reason for such absence. Medical Certificate (fitness) along with an application must be submitted in case of illness for two days or more.

Co-Curricular Activities

1. Pupils must attend certain school functions and co-curricular activities that are compulsory. In case of absence on such important occasions, either a Medical Certificate must be produced or parents must accompany their ward with an explanation.

2. Pupils who are selected for Co-curricular Activities and Games and Sports must attend for regular practice or rehearsals as per the scheduled notification and must participate on the Final Day. In case a student is unable to attend due to unavoidable circumstances, the parents must give a written explanation to the Principal / Head Master one day before or well in advance.

Other Rules

1 Railway Concession Forms are granted ONLY to bonafide students wishing to travel to their native place during long vacations and whose Parents reside in their native place. Applications for the same are to be made at least ten days before the beginning of the vacation.

2 Children, parents and guardians are not permitted to give personal gifts to the members of the staff. However, the children may distribute sweets on their birthdays.

3 No school business will be transacted during weekly holidays and long vacations.

4. Change of address must be immediately notified to the school through the Student.

5. If any seminar or examination not previously printed on the diary is conducted, separate notification of the same will be given to the parents.

Private Tutions

1. It is a declared policy of the school to discourage private tuition because a student should be able to progress sufficiently and satisfactorily in his / her work as a result of class teaching. However, when seriously advisable, tuitions may be allowed for a limited period of time.

2. Parents requiring private tuition for their ward(s) should write to the Principal / Headmaster on the last working day in October. Request for private tuition thereafter shall not be entertained. It may be noted that no teacher of the school will undertake any tuition without the permission of the Principal/Headmaster. As far as possible teachers teaching a particular class will not be assigned the Private Tuition of the Class.

3. Any violation of Clause 2 of the Private Tuition above would mean removal of the pupil from the school.

4. The fees payable for private Tuition will be fixed according to the School rates and will be paid directly to the teachers.

5. The choice of teachers for private tuition will be made by the Principal / Headmaster.

6. Parents of students taking Private Tuition from our school teachers will be required to submit to the Principal/Headmaster reports on the improvement of their wards in studies as a result of Private Tuition.

Discipline Rules of the School

1. Reasons Why students should speak in English–
a. The medium of communication and instruction being in English, children must speak in English.
b. The skill of reading, writing and speaking improves when English is spoken regularly.
c. Regular use of the language improves pronunciation and diction; vocabulary.
d. It helps to build confidence and creativity.
e. To pursue higher studies, write competitive exams and all sorts of Entrance Examination “ENGLISH” is compulsory.

2. Pupils must speak in English at all times as long as he or she is in School Uniform whether inside or outside the school premises except when they are in vernacular classes.

3. It is expected that the pupils must be attentive and remain silent while teacher is teaching in class. Should the pupils disturb or distract the class while the class is on, he or she will be punished as per the under-mentioned rules.

4. Pupils must not be habitually late or irregular in attendance without proper reason for any functions, celebrations on instructional days.

5. Pupils must attend certain School functions and co-curricular classes that are compulsory. In case of absence on such important occasion, either a Medical Certificate must be produced or parents must accompany their ward with explanation.

6. Pupils must strictly follow the Code of the school uniform on all regular days (from home to the School and back). They must also abide by the rules on special class days, saturdays, holidays and whenever they represent the school at external functions.

7. Pupils must not mark or write on the books they borrow from the peers or from the School Library.

8. Pupils must address their teachers and all the members of the staff with due respect and politeness.

9. Pupils without prior sanction must not remain absent from school on the first day of the School before and after any vacation respectively.

10. Pupils must return home without delay after School hours and must not move in and around the school or City without the permission from the school authority. It is therefore necessary for the parents at times to get in touch with the school and find out whether the child is in the school or not.

11. Pupils must not leave home in the school uniform and loiter elsewhere without attending the school.

12. Pupils must not attend any College / School Fest, Competition, Athletic Meet and Games & Sport without the permission of the School.

13. Pupils must not take money or any articles from other pupils without the permission of the School Authority.

14. Pupils must not be involved in any act of indiscipline or misbehaviour in the School or on their way to and from the School, which may affect the reputation or tarnish the name of the School.

15. Children who are selected for CCA and games & sports – internal or external functions, must attend regular practice or rehearsals as per the scheduled notification and must participate on the final day of the programme. In case a student is unable to attend due to unavoidable circumstances, parents must give a written explanation to the Principal well in advance or at least one day before the programme.

16. No pupil is permitted to carry any expensive article like Mobile, Camera, Tape recorder or Walkman, CD, Jewellery etc or any large amount of cash to the school. The School is not responsible for the loss of such valuables. The Students are responsible for the safe custody of all their books and belongings in the School.

17. Pupils will not be allowed to ride on Motor Cycle, Scooter or drive Motorcars from the home to the school and back. However in case of any loss, the matter should be brought to the notice of Principal/Headmaster. As this is violation of school rules.

18. Committing any other wrongful act which the Discipline Council will decide, whether such act is deemed to be breach of code of misconduct.

19. All correspondence neatly written regarding the pupil should be signed by the Parents only and addressed to the Principal / Headmaster of the School.

20. Parents should not pay money to their children for any purpose of the school whatsoever unless it is communicated to them to do so through the diary in the column provided or when a circular is issued to them.

21. Blue Card will be issued to pupils for indiscipline behaviour. Parents / Guardians will be called to acknowledge the issue of the BLUE CARD. Yellow Card will be issued to pupils for serious indisciplined act and on being issued BLUE CARD on previous three occasions. Parents/ Guardians will be called to acknowledgement the issue of the YELLOW CARD.

Consequences of Disobeying Discipline Rules

Any Act which leads to the violation of discipline rules of the school by a child shall be deemed as a breach of code of misconduct. Appropriate action against the errant student will be taken as per the decision of the discipline council of the school.

Withdrawl From School

Under the following rules, the school will remove the student with a Transfer Certificate (IX – XII). Hence, parents are requested, in the best interest of the wards, to co-operate with the school specially with the under-mentioned clauses.

1. Transfer Certificate will be issued to those Pupils who are overaged by two years and have failed to get promotion to the next higher class (Class IX to XII).

2. Parents / guardians may be asked to withdraw their ward(s) if, in the opinion of the Discipline Council, the student(s) have failed to accept the code of discipline of the school and that his / her continued presence is detrimental to the interest of the students and the school in general (IX – XII).

3. Parents not showing sufficient interest for the progress of their wards or failing to comply with the rules given, will be requested to withdraw their wards from the school at the end of the session (IX -XII).

4. Parents/guardians may be asked to withdraw their ward(s) if, in the opinion of the School Management, the concerned parents/guardians.

Transfer Certificate

1. If the parents apply for the T.C after proclamation of the results and before reopening of the school, they are to pay all the arrear fees and even the fees for the month of March and one month’s Notice Fee.

2. Application request for Transfer Certificate (TC) in the month of April after re-opening of new session, parents are requested to pay monthly fee for April and another 3 month’s monthly fees and all the yearly and arrear fees if any.