At Douglas our philosophy or belief is that children learn mostly by actively engaging with people and environment, imbibing what they see around them. We believe play is the work of children and so we embrace childhood as a blissful, magical time through games.


We visualize Star Gazers to be renowned nationwide for developing and providing excellence from a very nascent stage to the blooming buds in our community and building the best play school in Kolkata— to let the bright happy children engage in meaningful learning activities, as they become independent thinkers.


Our Mission is to provide value based education to these tiny tots — ensuring cognitive and behavioural development, building communication skills. We aim to encourage positive peer interaction, theme based concept learning, Language readiness, opportunities for fine and gross motor development, building the best environment for the play school in Kolkata.

Why Star Gazers?

Play School

Here, we provide an assurance that our blooming buds would come to know the age-appropriate behaviour through observation and imitation. Their communicative skill will develop faster as they can interact with their peers in a supervised environment. Douglas is making the best play school in Kolkata.

Virtual tour

Have a virtual tour at our play school in Barrackpore, Kolkata.

Meet Our Teachers

Classroom Facilities

Classrooms are the most important sites within the school premises because the students and the teachers spend most of the time inside the classrooms for receiving and imparting knowledge in different subjects. Therefore we always take care of the proper ambience of the classrooms. The rooms are quite spacious, airy with sufficient number of benches, fans and exhaust fans. The rooms are clean and duly ventilated. There are digital classrooms for conducting audio-visual classes. The school is planning for all digital classrooms in the near future.
There are provisions for displaying charts and models while teaching. All the rooms are equipped with CCTV cameras for proper security of the students and the school properties as well. Thus the classrooms provide right environment for the teaching and learning and making it the best play school in Barrackpore, Kolkata.

About Star Gazers

‘Star Gazers’ is the stepping stone to the colossal of the Douglas Memorial Higher Secondary School. We aim to nurture our blooming buds to take every right step of becoming a true Douglasite — that is to achieve the dream of unification of the World and aiming at producing successful global citizens and making it the Best Play School in Kolkata.

Star Gazers Rooms

We have provided our dear children with spacious and well ventilated and eco-friendly class-rooms — namely ‘SHREK’ and ‘ANGRY BIRDS’. The main objective of choosing these characters is to inculcate the qualities such as bravery, indomitable spirit, readiness to face any adventure, value the inner beauty, forgiveness, loyalty and friendship in our children making it the best play school for your child.

Star Gazers Library

A plethora of colourful picture books and age appropriate story books are available in the library of the best play school in Barrackpore, Kolkata to acquaint them with books, colours and pictures.

Star Gazers Theatre

Audio-visual is the best form of education for all the level of learners. Keeping this in mind, we have allotted a ‘Theatre Room’ for our students to enjoy the different animated movies and get mentally attuned to the society and environment. This is how the Douglas Play School has been designed.

What is Education in Star Gazers?

Education in Star Gazers focuses on several activities and experiences designed to aid in the cognitive, social and motor skill
development before they step into our Pre-Primary Section. Here we aim to provide World class curriculum — learning
by exploration, aiming to build the best play school at Barrackpore, Kolkata.