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Samrat Basu

I, Samrat Basu, have had my two children experience Douglas’ education. One is currently in the eleventh grade and the younger one is in the fifth grade. Douglas has provided a safe and comfortable environment for my children to learn and develop. My elder child has been successful in his ISCE Boards. His success owes credit to the foundation built through his education at DMHSS.

B K Sinha

Thank you DMHSS for being a part of my son’s life – for accepting him for who he was, encouraging him to reach for the stars, giving him friendships that made my heart swell and providing a safe and nurturing learning environment. I will be forever grateful.

Dr. A C Paul

We have found this school a very dynamic institute, implemented many initiatives in their curriculum, which has made it attractive for us and their indulgence with every child is admirable. We have enjoyed many get togethers with this school.

Shruti Das

I realized the difference when I shifted to my native place for one year. I took my son’s admission in top school there. But very soon I came to know the DMHSS school is better. Therefore I readmitted my son in this school. I am very happy with the progress of my son.