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At Douglas Memorial Higher Secondary School, we focus on co-scholastic activities for the all-round development of students, so that our students are always the best among the students of other top list schools in Kolkata. Our academics incharge put equal emphasis on knowledge, life skills and values making Douglas the best English medium school in Kolkata. Team of Douglas goes beyond academics to ensure that we provide students sufficient opportunities for achieving the best skills they have.

‘Melody’ or Music Club ‘Melody’ or Music Club It is said “where words fail, music speaks.” Music is the ultimate source of solace and balm to a bruised heart – a stress buster to an exhausted and a strayed soul. Hence with this vision, the ‘Melody Club’ has been set up make DMHSS the best school in Kolkata. The following activities are included in this club: Singing, Classical, Semi-Classical, Western, Light Music, Guitar, Piano. The members of the club are provided with a stress free environment to learn, grow and share musical talents. Throughout the year they take in various inter-school competitions and win prizes. They have made the school proud and made us the best school in Barrackpore, Kolkata. ‘Litera’ or ‘Literary Club’ ‘Litera’ or ‘Literary Club’ The Literary Club or ‘the Litera’ has been set up with the aim to foster a love for language, enhance literary creativity, develop self-confidence and provide an avenue for self-expression beyond the school curriculum. This club, meticulously works in developing and hoping the literary skills as well as the communication skills of the students and teaches them to think spontaneously also works in tandem to nurture the writing and speaking skills of the students. The Literary Club of this school comprises the following: Elocution, Debate, Extempore/Writing, Creative Writing, Dramatics, Poetry Writing and Reading. These activities are included with the objective of enhancing the speaking skills and the oratorical skills of the students. With their skills they have made Douglas on of the top schools in Kolkata. ‘Track Trek’ or ‘Sports and Games’ Club ‘Track Trek’ or ‘Sports and Games’ Club Albert Einstein once said ‘Play is the highest form of research”. We at Douglas has always believe in this concept and places a high emphasis on Sports and Games making it among the list of top schools in Kolkata. ‘TRACK TREK’ or the sports and games club’ provides an opportunity to young and enthusiastic souls to channelize their immense energy towards a positive direction – hence developing their leadership skills, mental alertness and providing an outlet for advanced participation and competition in a particular sport. The Sports Club has been set up with the purpose of playing diverse sports. It comprises the following activities: Outdoor Games: Cricket, Football, Swimming, Valley Ball, Kho – Kho, Badminton, Kabidi. Indoor Games: Chess, Carom. ‘Step N Rhythm’ or Dance Club ‘Step N Rhythm’ or Dance Club Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body. It develops the knowledge and nurtures the skill to create, perform and understand the movement of our body as a medium of artistic communication. ‘STEPS N RHYTHM’ that is the ‘Dance Club’ of the Primary Section serves the purpose of educating the children to enhance their physical emotional and social skills along with instilling spiritual values. It also allows the members to be disciplined and allows them to experience the wonders of dance and the joy of performing. The students of this institution are exposed to various styles of dance forms such as: Classical Dance (Indian), Western Dance, Semi-Classical Dance, Contemporary Dance. These varied styles of dance forms become a way of expression of fun and joy making the name of our school among the Best Schools in Kolkata. Sometimes they even convey a poignant message. ‘Art Attack’ or The Art and Craft Club ‘Art Attack’ or The Art and Craft Club The ‘Art attack’ club has been set up with a vision to provide aid in a child’s mental, physical and creative development with a colourful and innovative approach. Here activities are designed to provide a fun and interactive ways for children to naturally learn and remember. They also learn about colours, textures shapes etc. They learn to express their imagination, giving them freedom to explore & think independently. Through the craft activities, children learn to make use of household objects and turn them into works of art. These include: Drawing, Clay Modeling, Pot decoration. These activities are easy, thought provoking and educational, and helped our children to gain recognition among the top schools in Kolkata. Inquisitive or Quiz Club Inquisitive or Quiz Club The ‘Inquisitive’ or the ‘Quiz Club’ of the Primary Section helps to foster a desire for knowledge among the children and boost their level of confidence. The children are cinched to discover, develop and hone skills that will be helpful later in future. Here, the children are provided aid and direction to master the topics taught in various subjects as well as amass ample knowledge and wisdom. They also learn to appreciate the value of researching and reading books. Thus we can say that our excellent facilities in the co-curricular department of the Primary Section, under the tender yet strict surveillance of the activity teachers ensure a holistic development where every child is able to find and recognize his ‘passion’ and ‘choice’ has made us the best English Medium School in Kolkata. This multifaceted club activity programmes encourage every Douglas enrich his/her life bath now and in the future, by not only exploring interests outside the school curriculum but also nurturing them to bloom and flourish for futuristic endeavours.